About EG motocycle

EG motocycle is founded by me, Eddie Gustafsson. I live in a small town in Sweden called Vetlanda.2014-07-26 20.39.55
Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always had a passion for motorsdriven vehicles and I watched a lot of speedway with my family. Not to mention all those hours I’ve spent in the garage with my dad. Later on the garage became more and more my own place. Just recently I started to rent a larger garage in another part of town which I’m renoveting and setting up to fit my needs.

This interest begun in 2005 and the level of what I build has increased significally since then. The first thing I ever built was a motordriven kick bike, later on I built and reconstructed mopeds and the past few years I’ve been buildning motorcycles. Have a look at ”Motorcycles” for photos and tech specification on the motorcycles I’ve built.

mms_20140610_2.jpgMy goal is to build simple (design) motorcycles with elegant details. Right now I’ve just started to build my fourth bike.